Trierenberg Supercircuit for sidste gang

Verdens største uafhængige fotokonkurrence - Trierenberg SuperCircuit - så dagens lys i 1992.
Nu 30 år senere lukker og slukker konkurrencen med 2022 versionen.

Downstairs Fotografisk Workshop har en stor arv her, da vi har vundet guldmedalje 15 år i træk i klubmesterskabet og flere personlige guldmedaljer. Snyd ikke dig selv for det fantastiske smukke katalog og muligheden for at få dine billeder med.

Her er informationen fra Chris Hinterobermaier, der er manden bag Trierenberg:


Dear photofriend!

Starting in 1992, for 30 years by now, we have pushed TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT contest to its current level: the world's largest photo art competition!
But now the final curtain is falling. We will finish this project in 2022!

To celebrate the last and final TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT we try now to motivate photographers like you having rank and name for us to participate one more time in the final TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT competition 2022. This legendary competition deserves to be finished with a photographic big bang! Hence my letter to you today!

The general monochrome and the general colour sections plus 30 different themes sections are offering hundreds of medals and awards.

We will again publish a 300 page catalogue, containing more than 1.000 master images in superb printing quality, as well as another 500-page luxury edition hard cover book. Those publications need to be filled with marvellous photography.

Participation by upload:

Do it the easy way and use our upload-tool on
This upload website will be available until closing date: March 7, 2022

We count on your final participation as it takes photographers like you to make the competition again what it is for so many photographers around the globe: something very special!
Thank you, best regards and good luck! 

Chris Hinterobermaier

PS: Our 30 YEARS WINNER’S COLLECTION BOOK is officially available now. This stunning 608 page hard cover edition is a true “monument” in style and photographic quality.
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